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We at the Post-Doctoral Committee (PdC) are composed by volunteer postdoctoral researchers that are committed to supporting the postdoc community at the NOVA Medical School.

Our purpose as PdC is to represent and support the specific interests of Postdocs/Early Career Research Fellows in the NMS context, promote a sense of community and contribute to a solid institutional environment.

We also aim to back the professional development of all NMS postdocs, encourage them to take advantage of the activities and development opportunities offered by NMS through duty rotation, and by implementing the Research action plan and academic/scientific policies.

The CEDOC-NMS Postdoc Committee in function is composed by 5 postdocs working in different labs. They are:

PdC in function

Ana Nacarino
Post-doctoral Researcher
Angela Ávila
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Cristina Escrevente
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Inês Figueira
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Nuno Mendonça
Post-Doc Researcher, PhD


  • Ana Sofia Brandão, PhD , do Laboratório de António Jacinto (iNOVA4Health - CEDOC);
  • Andreia Henriques, PhD , do Laboratório de Rune Matthiesen Lab (iNOVA4Health - CEDOC);
  • Bárbara Mendes, PhD, do Laboratório de João Conde Lab (ToxOmics - CEDOC);
  • Lara Carvalho, PhD, do Laboratório de António Jacinto (iNOVA4Health - CEDOC);
  • Tiago Baptista, PhD, do Laboratório de Catarina Homem (iNOVA4Health - CEDOC)

André Marques (Otília Vieira Lab)
Bruno Gomes (Sebastião Rodrigues Lab)
João Proença (Vasco Barreto Lab)
Judit Morello (Emília Monteiro Lab)
Luisa Lemos (Miguel Seabra Lab)

Diogo Bitoque (Gabriela Silva Lab)
Fátima Martins (Sílvia Conde Lab)
Miguel Ferreira (Miguel Seabra Lab)
Nídia Sousa (António Jacinto Lab)
Susana Silva (José Rueff Lab)

Organisation of Encontros Informais com a Ciência 2020 at Centro do Conhecimento-CUF Descobertas

Bernardo Palma (Michel Kranendonk Lab)
Cristina Casalou (Duarte Barral Lab)
Francisco Esteves (Michel Kranendonk Lab)
Graça Rosas (José Belo Lab)
João Ferreira (Paulo Pereira Lab)

Organisation of 2nd NMS Symposium on Chronic Diseases and Translational Science 2018, with the collaboration of Diogo Pestana (Conceição Calhau Lab).

Cecília Seixas (Duarte Barral Lab)
Inês de Sousa Lima (Paula Macedo Lab)
Mark Gibson (Otília Vieira Lab)
Ricardo Soares (Helena Vieira Lab)

Organisation of Career Opportunities for PostDoctoral Researchers in Life Sciences - Scientific Symposium and Job Fair

Cláudia Queiroga (Helena Viera Lab)
Fátima Martins (Paula Macedo Lab)
Florent Ubelmann (Cláudia Almeida Lab)
João Ferreira (Paulo Pereira Lab)
José Inácio (José Belo Lab)
Marisa Encarnação (Otília Vieira Lab)

Organisation of 1st CEDOC Symposium on Chronic Diseases.

Comité Pós -Doutorados

Telefone: (+351) 218 ​​803 101
Fax: (+351) 218 ​​851 920