Helena Canhão elected Dean of NOVA Medical School

Professor from NOVA Medical School and CHRC Researcher, was elected by the Faculty Council on December 14th and will be fulfill her mandate between 2022 e 2025.


Helena Canhão, is a Cathedratic Professor of NOVA Medical School and Coordinator of Comprehensive Health Research Center (CHRC), from Associated Laboratory REAL and principal investigator of EpiDoC Unit, CEDOC, NMS. 

She is the acting president of Sociedade Portuguesa de Reumatologia, President of the Consulting Council of AICIB, President of the Consulting Council of Collaborative Laboratory Value for Health and member of the council of Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Helena Canhão is also Assistente Hospitalar Graduada Senior, responsible for the rheumatology unit of  CHULC and rheumatology coordinator at Hospital CUF Tejo.