Bibliometrics is a quantitative and statistical technique to measure indexes of production and dissemination of knowledge, as well as to monitor the development of various scientific areas and the patterns of authorship, publication and use of research results.


NMS Library supports bibliometric reporting and user support.

Scientific Output Metrics

Most commonly used metrics:

  • Publication count;
  • Citation count;
  • h-index;
  • Journal impact factor;
  • Quartile;
  • FWCI.
NMS Scientific Output '21

The NOVA Medical School (NMS) scientific output is a quality indicator of the scientific activity of the institution. Based on a search by affiliation in SCOPUS on May 25th 2022, we present the metrics of the publications for 2021.

NMS publications in RUN
Indicators and Metrics of Scientific Output
Scientific Output NMS 2020
NMS Publications in RUN 2020