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NOVA Biomedical Research

- Ageing and chronic diseases
- Neurosciences
- Oncobiology
- Regenerative medicine

About the programme
NOVA Biomedical Research is a master programme of NMS - NOVA Medical School that will equip you with the core skills required for an outstanding career in Biomedical research. We offer a unique training programme that will prepare you to plan, conduct, publish and obtain funding to support a successful research career. The curriculum of the NBR is based on advanced training courses, seminars and tutorials that provide the core skills that are required to anyone wishing to pursue a career in science. Alongside you will also have the opportunity to specialise in one of the four branches of the course: Ageing and Chronic Diseases, Neurosciences, Oncobiology and Regenerative Medicine.

The programme is designed to be student-centred and combine research-informed teaching, seminars form leading specialists and a considerable practical, hands-on training.

Students admitted in the programme are expected to fully engage in the academic life of NMS, and to be part of a research team at CEDOC, ToxOmics or at one of our partner institutions.

As a NBR student, you will be part of a vibrant and international community of more than 300 researchers. You will also take full advantage of our state of the art facilities located in a new and modern research campus at the very centre of Lisbon.

NBR will prepare you for a range of science based careers or further academic. NBR provides an excellent background and a solid core foundation for those students wishing to pursue a PhD degree in the areas of Biomedicine. The course also provides critical entrepreneurial and communication skills that are a tangible advantage for those wishing to pursue careers in industry, research infrastructures or related areas.

Course Details

NOVA Biomedical Research - Study Plan

NBR is a 120 ECTS two full year course. The first year consists in a series of courses in core research skills as well as on critical aspects of cell regulation and on advanced methods in research. You will participate in seminars and workshops that give you the opportunity for an in-deep knowledge of the activities and scientific interests of the various research groups at NMS.

In the second semester you are expected to complete three lab rotations that are your first hands-on experience in three laboratories of your choice. Rotations are also a valuable opportunity to facilitate an informed decision on the research project that you wish to undertake in the second year of the course. Throughout the first three semesters you will also have the opportunity to select courses in your areas of specialisation that are offered by NMS or by our partners.

The third and fourth semesters are dedicated to your research work in a group of your choice.

At the end of the course you will have to submit a research thesis and defend it viva voce

We are delighted that you are considering applying to the 6th edition of NBR at NOVA Medical School. 

NBR is the right choice for students who have completed a first cycle (often three years) degree in areas related with biomedical sciences, which include, but are not limited to: biology, biochemistry, cell biology, pharmacy, biological engineering. We are looking for highly motivated students that wish to pursue a career involving a strong component of biomedical research. To complete you application you first need to register at the post-graduate platform of NOVA Medical School.

Once your registration is completed you will receive an email indicating the additional documents (such as CV and certificates) that you may need to submit.

Please note that, after registration, you will need to submit a personal statement/ motivation letter as an integral part of your application. You personal statement (no more than 1000 words) is a critical component of your application and will be used by the evaluation panel as one element in deciding whether you are admitted to the course.

Selection Criteria
This is a two stage Evaluation process:
Stage 1 will consist in the assessment of the CV of applicant and personal statement 
Stage 2 will consist in a personal interview 

Duration of the Course
4 semesters full-time

Application Fees

Tuition Fees
Portuguese students: €2500 / year
Foreign students: €3500 / year

Course Coordinator
Paulo Pereira, PhD

Course Co-Coordenators
Cláudia Almeida, PhD
Rita Teodoro, PhD

Paulo Pereira, PhD
Duarte Barral, PhD
Cláudia Almeida, PhD
José Belo, PhD
César Mendes, PhD
Albino Oliveira Maia, MD, PhD
Maria Paula Macedo, PhD
Sofia Pereira, PhD
Sofia Braga, MD, PhD
Jacinta Serpa, PhD
Gabriela Silva, PhD
Rita Teodoro, PhD

ECTS  |  120
Edition  |  6th
Numerus clausus  |  16 students



Application Guide

2nd call Application Notice (Portuguese | English)

1st call Application Notice (Portuguese | English)

Other information

  1. Regulation (portuguese)
  2. Study plan
  3. Course Guide | Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

More information 
NOVA Biomedical Research MSc Secretariat
+351 21 880 30 35

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